Tenancy cleaning

Are you planning to move out? Ensure that you book a company that you can trust, to deliver exceptional tenancy cleaning services. We guarantee that our services will lease any letting agent or landlord.

A lot of times tenants experience delays in receiving their check-out refunds because they hire the wrong companies. The wrong company will do a shoddy job, that will cause you to hire yet another company to do a better job. In the end, you’ll have wasted valuable time and money. Why not try Wan2Klean?


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Wan2Klean is a newly established cleaning company that aims to provide premier cleaning services to businesses and individuals in West Midlands, Birmingham, and surrounding areas.
We partner with businesses to deliver full facility management services that meet a businesses’ requirements. We look for a time that is the most convenient for you before we come to your premises. We understand the nature of the business, and we, therefore, want to create very minimal disruption.